Five Qualities of an Outstanding Medical Assistant

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Choosing a career as a Medical Assistant leads to exciting opportunities. As an important member of the healthcare team, the MA works closely with physicians in clinics and medical offices to perform clinical and administrative duties. The demand for MAs makes it one of the fastest growing jobs in the country.

What makes a Medical Assistant outstanding? If you have the five qualities listed below, you’ll be on your way to a successful future.

1. Great Communication Skills. A Medical Assistant works with patients, physicians, and other medical colleagues. As an effective communicator, you first listen carefully and ask questions to clarify and make sure you understand. You’ll then be ready to discuss the situation with the doctor or provide information to the patient.

2. Solid Work Ethic. Because of your wide range of responsibilities, everyone in the workplace, from co-workers to patients, depends on you. Don’t let them down. Always be punctual and reliable. Offer to help others who are overloaded and always follow policies and protocols.

3. Never-ending Integrity. All healthcare workers receive and have access to private information all day. As a frontline professional, you may be the first to learn about a patient’s symptoms, condition, or feelings. HIPAA strictly prohibits sharing of any patient information beyond those who need it to perform treatment or certain functions. Honesty is also crucial, even when it’s difficult; an example is admitting that you made an error.

4. Constant Adaptability. One of the benefits of being a Medical Assistant is that every day is different. New patients with new challenges, office schedule coordination, and changing technology mean that you must be ready to adapt to the day’s demands. Add in each physician’s unique personality and work style, and you can be sure that you’ll never be bored. You will have to be a flexible team member, balancing clinical and administrative duties.

5. Strong Empathy and Compassion. Empathy is the ability to identify with another person’s feelings. Compassion is the desire to help a person who is suffering. You’ll frequently need both during your patient interactions, in order to make each patient feel comfortable. And always, every healthcare professional must be non-judgmental regarding a patient’s lifestyle or condition.

As a Medical Assistant, you receive training to make you knowledgeable about your role and responsibility. You’ll also need to develop other skills and traits that will not only make you a valuable team member, but will also increase your job satisfaction. If you’d like to learn more about becoming a Medical Assistant, visit

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