About the MAClasses.US Medical Assistant Training Site

MAClasses.US is owned and operated by VoicesNet Media, LLC

VoicesNet Media, LLC operates a network of educationally related websites on the Internet.

Here at MAClasses.us, we focus on Medical Assistant education, a part of the fabric of the Healthcare Industry.

MAClasses.US went live on the Internet on lucky 11-11-11 (November 11, 2011).

As we launched, we had 7 Category Level mini-courses available. We expect to put about 2 to 3 more classes out per week until we have somewhere in the area of about 50 category or subcategory level mini-courses available online for free. Then we wil go from there in some magical direction.

We are also managing a Medical Assistant Registry which only requires your name and email address to join. You can look on the sign-up page of the Registry for more information about the MA Registry.

Our mini-courses are always created by trained and/or certified healthcare professionals.

If you see any problems with our content, then please let us knowusing the email address below.

If you have a question, send an email to S U P P O R T (AT) C N A C L A S S E S * * * * * ( REPLACE (AT) WITH @ )


Thank you for visiting maclasses.us!

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