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Free Online Medical Assistant Classes

MAClasses.us provides free online Medical Assistant classes on the Internet.

Here is a list of those classes. Click on any one of the classes to go to the mini-course Knowledge page where you can study the material.


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FREE Medical Assistant Classes - Students currently taking classes: 208

    MA Class GroupCourse NameCourses Completed
    BasicsPatient Education243
    Safety and Infection Control Basics278
    Vital Signs Intro456
    CommunicationCommunication Intro723
    Types of Communication25
    DiseaseInfluenza 113
    Influenza 27
    Panic Disorder2
    Front DeskCharting & Documentation Intro229
    Front Desk Appointment Protocols26
    Health Insurance Intro168
    Medical Billing Basics32
    Office Concepts Basics85
    Patient Assessment Starter119
    Patient Privacy and Rights22
    LaboratoryBlood Glucose8
    Clean Catch Urine16
    Lab Procedures Starter177
    Laboratory Testing13
    Blood Cultures17
    MedicationMedication Administration Basics203
    Medication Adverse Reactions21
    Procedures12 Lead ECG21
    Medical Imaging X-Rays10
    ProfessionMedical Assistants Appearance30
    Medical Assistant Profession Primer143
    Medical Assistant Work Ethic33
    Professionalism of Medical Assistants24
    Scope of Practice29
    The BodyBody Systems30
    Human Anatomy - Bones24
    Musculoskeletal Injuries 6