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A Medical Assistant is a job in the healthcare industry that provides assistance to both Doctors and Nurses and othr healthcare professionals.

The services provided can occur at all types of healthcare facilities.

That is why MAClasses.us offers a variety of online training resources in the Medical Assistant focus area being a leader in the healthcare education industry.

Wikipedia was referenced for this material: Wikipedia Medical Assistant Page

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Communications Intro Class - Click here
Take this class and try some basic communications concepts.
Safety & Infection Control Class - Click here
Take this class to find out some basics about Safety & Infection Control.
Health Insurance Intro #1 - Click here
Take this class and cover general Health Insurance areas for starters. Medical Assistants need to know some things about processing health insurance.
Charting & Documentation Intro Class #1- Click here
Take this class and cover the intro mini-course in the Charting & Documentation area.
Medication Administration Basics - Click here
Take this class and cover Medical Emergency situations under Basic Medical Assistant Skills - Safety & Emergencies.
Vital Signs - Click here
Take this class to learn about the basic of Vital Signs.
Patient Assessment Starter- Click here
Take this class and cover assessing a patient
Patient Education Basics- Click here
Diagnosis, patient aftercare, compliance, risk management, referrals, advocacy and more.
Office Concepts Basics- Click here
Policies and Procedures, HIPAA, Bill of Right, Filing and a lot more.
The Medical Assistant profession primer- Click here
Patient Satisfaction, Administration, AAMA, types, job growth, etc.
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